Janine Reid – “The Paper Fox is a small design studio with big ideas.”

I haven’t known Janine from The Paper Fox Studio long, but in this short time, she has become one of my most precious friends. She came to me at a time when I really needed a shoulder to cry on, and has continued to be a very wise, sincere sounding board in my life. We clicked immediately on a creative level, and so when it was time to design the branding for Littlespoon and the Sunshine thread, she was the first designer that came to mind. She nailed the branding, with barely a brief to follow. Capturing my personality in the design and colour pallet. She also went above and beyond with all the little extras she designed, alongside the initial logo. So, it comes as no surprise that I would choose to feature her in my creative Queens series.

“The Paper Fox is a small design studio with big ideas.”

Janine, like me, is mommy to 2 beautiful little girls, and wife to a lovely gentleman who shares her passion for design. She started The paper Fox Studio, in 2014, after her eldest daughter was born. “I wanted to pursue design projects that were exciting and inspiring, and to work with like-minded entrepreneurs to help build their dream.” As a new mommy, she also felt the need to be in a position to work more flexible hours. This would give her the opportunity to spend more time with her small growing family.

I design stuff because I get sad if I don't

“Its what keeps my soul happy.”

Janine has a very real passion for entrepreneurs, “Lady bosses”, and mompreneurs. She designs, what she calls “captivating brand experiences”. She also designs slick, clean websites, and enjoys creating breathtakingly-beautiful wedding and event stationery.

The Paper Fox Studio - Wedding invitation

Whats in a name?

Having quirky names for businesses is something I do quite well, and so I love the story behind the name, The Paper Fox Studio.

“I adore paper. I love the smell, the texture. How paper handles different inks. Everything. I also love folklore and fairy tales. When I was thinking up names for TPF (The Paper Fox, Duh) I was busy reading a book about Japanese folklore, where I was captivated by the “Kitsune” or fox spirit. The Kitsune is portrayed as a playful trickster, and faithful guardian. The Kitsune is also believed to be a servant and messenger of Inari, the Shinto deity of rice.  And so, The Paper Fox Studio was born.”

“Every one of my clients is treated like a dear friend”

Janine says she started TPF, so that she could work alongside similar creatives. She wants her design work to embody the love and passion that these entrepreneurs pour into their businesses. “Every one of my clients is treated like a dear friend, what matters most to me is creativity, simplicity, passion, clarity, building relationships, and respect.” Because this is her approach to business, word of mouth has been her best advertising tool. She is also active on social media platforms, specifically, Facebook and Instagram, to engage with current and future clients.

The Paper Fox Studio - design is the silent ambassador of your brand

There is no need to be Superwoman

A theme that keeps popping up, as I am interviewing and writing for these articles, is how difficult it is for us Wives and mothers, to manage our time. How to meet the deadline, while still sharing quality time with our husbands and kids. Mom guilt is very real, no matter how hard we work, we always feel like we aren’t doing enough for our kids. we put so much pressure on ourselves to be Super Women. Janine says what helps her is having a strong support system to call on when she is feeling bogged down or overwhelmed. Because her husband is also a graphic and web designer, he is very aware of how important it is to meet deadlines, and because of this he is always ready to hold down the fort at home, or even support Janine on design projects.

Your win is my win

I wanted to know what set The Paper Fox Studio apart from similar graphic design studios. I loved Janine’s response.“The Paper Fox difference is simple: I get to know who you are, your business, and your market. From there I create a brand experience that your clients can’t resist. I care deeply about your success; I am 100% invested in each and every project I undertake, your win is my win.”

This was my experience during the design process for Littlespoon. I really felt that Janine managed to capture “Me” in the branding. And I loved the fact that she had bought into the vision I had for this blog and the brand as a whole.

It takes a Village

As much as she enjoys the flexibility that her business provides, some months are harder financially than others. I asked how she overcomes that challenge: “hustle harder, help other female entrepreneurs to grow. We’re a village.”

The Paper Fox - she has that girl boss hustle

The other challenge she faces day to day, because she is a solopreneur, is dealing with mundane admin. She suggests hiring a company to take care of some of these jobs, so that your time can be better spent on the areas that you are passionate about and good at.

Where do you see TPF in the next 2 years? “This is a hard one. I love where my business is currently; I’ve finally found my entrepreneurial voice. I want to continue down this path and see where it leads me.”

The Paper Fox Studio - Unbuttoned colour palette

If you are wanting to see more of Janine’s work, you can visit her on Facebook or Instagram. She is also adding the finishing touches to her website, www.thepaperfox.co.za.

For any other enquiries you can email her directly, hello@thepaperfox.co.za



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