About Me

I am a mama, a maker and a lover of beautiful things…

I am little spoon, to my big spoon for the past 18 years. This year we had the pleasure of celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

I am Mama spoon, to our two beautiful teaspoons, Olivia, 8, and Adia who is 4.  For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a mom, and I can tell you now, that although they are my most rewarding creations, they are also my most challenging works in progress.

I am a maker, and have been since I was a very little girl. This joy of creating and making was mostly taught to me by my Ouma, who had bucket loads of patience, and, encouraged by my mom, who, because her patience was seriously lacking, admired my creations, but stayed out of the sewing room.

What I did learn from my mom, is a deep love for cooking good food for the special people in my life. One way my mom has always shown love is by setting a magnificent table, and feeding you a beautiful meal. I hope that when I cook for my people, they can feel the love that has gone into every step of the recipe.

I hope to share my successes and failures, in the kitchen, behind the sewing machine, and as a mother and wife, with you. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, I look forward to getting to know you.