Welcome to Littlespoon and the Sunshine thread

A creative parenting, and lifestyle blog, documenting my journey as a mother and a maker, in search of my joy. The last few years have been full of ups and downs for me. To be honest, it felt like there were way more downs than ups on this roller coaster of mine. After a massive career shake up, I made the decision to change that. I am on a mission to find and fuel my Joy. By focusing on the things that I love.

In life the things that I am passionate about are family, especially my husband and kids. Creating and making, whether it be sewing something or cooking a meal for my family. And women. I love to see women supporting women, whether it is with a shoulder to cry on, or simply supporting a female entrepreneur.  So during this journey of soul searching, these are the topics I will be focusing on.

Hopefully here you will find a Creative Queen to inspire you to take the path less traveled. Or a recipe to make you feel like Nigella. Maybe you will even be inspired to dust off your sewing machine, and start sewing for yourself, your kids, and if he is really lucky, your husband!

While focusing on finding my own joy, I hope that I can inspire other women to focus on what feeds their souls.